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Changemaking for Job Hunters

Episode 192 - Become a changemaker: What job hunters can learn from Alex Budak

In the latest episode of our podcast, I had the privilege of sitting down with Alex Budak, a renowned social entrepreneur, author, speaker, and faculty member at UC Berkeley. With his wildly popular course, "Becoming a Changemaker," Alex has been at the forefront of inspiring and empowering a new generation of change-makers. In this episode, he shares valuable insights into the philosophy and practice of change-making, offering advice for professionals seeking to adapt and thrive in our ever-changing world.

Alex and I discuss the importance of embracing the concept of change-making during career transitions, the negative impact of sunk cost mentality in enabling change to happen, and incorporating AI into professional development. Alex shares insights on finding a different path that may be more fulfilling and his personal experience of coming second for a desired job.

This episode is ideal for those looking to make a substantive change in their careers and don't know how to start or why they feel inclined to change. Alex has a great understanding of the human entrepreneurial nature and will inspire you to embrace yours too!

About our guest Alex Budak

As a faculty member at UC Berkeley, Alex Budak teaches "Becoming a Changemaker" and plays a crucial role in directing the Berkeley Haas Global Access Program. His expertise extends to teaching in Berkeley Executive Education programs. Alex is also the co-founder of StartSomeGood, an organization that has supported over 1,200 change-makers across 50 countries, enabling them to raise millions of dollars for impactful initiatives. His book, "Becoming a Changemaker," has received endorsements from Nobel Prize winners, Olympic athletes, and, most significantly, his former students. A graduate of UCLA and Georgetown University, Alex's passion for change-making is evident in his diverse accomplishments. You can learn more from Aled Budak and buy his book on his website.


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