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Answering Job Hunter's Questions

Episode 224 - Questions Job Seekers are Asking in 2024

In the this episode of The Job Hunting Podcast, I answer 9 of the most pressing questions from seasoned professionals seeking to understand job hunting in 2024 and beyond. Below, I summarise some of the key issues that have come up from the questions I received at a recent Job Hunting Masterclass I delivered to 300 registered participants on the 31st of January:


Transitioning to a Remote Role

Remote Work is the Future: In the wake of pandemic-induced changes, remote work has become a staple. A listener from the biotech industry, unwilling to relocate, sought advice on securing a remote position. The key lies in leveraging your professional network, researching companies with strong remote work cultures, and actively engaging on platforms like LinkedIn. Updating your digital presence and tailoring your application to highlight remote-working skills are also pivotal.


Presenting Past Leadership Experience

Embracing Your Journey: A common concern among job seekers is how to present past leadership experience, especially after a career break. The strategy involves highlighting transferable skills, reframing career gaps, and staying current with industry knowledge. Crafting a compelling personal brand on platforms like LinkedIn and preparing for executive-level interviews are crucial steps.


Consistent Method for Career Change

Structured Approach to New Horizons: Changing careers requires a methodical approach. It's essential to research the new industry, build a strong network, upskill, and gain practical experience. Tailoring your applications to your new career path and being patient yet strategic can lead to successful transitions.


Addressing ATS in Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles

Optimizing for Technology: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are integral in the recruitment process. Ensuring your resume and LinkedIn profile are ATS-friendly involves using appropriate keywords, simplifying formatting, and customizing content for each job application.


Evaluating Worth and Requesting Pay Raise

Know Your Value: Understanding your market worth and effectively negotiating a pay raise are critical. Start with thorough research, reflect on your contributions, decide on a realistic salary range, and articulate your value clearly.


Addressing a 12-Month Gap in Your Resume

Turning Gaps into Opportunities: Addressing career gaps requires honesty and positivity. Explain the gap concisely, focus on any productive activities during this period, and demonstrate how the experience contributed to your personal and professional growth.


CV Format - Word or PDF?

Choosing the Right Format: The debate between Word and PDF formats for CVs depends on ATS compatibility, editing ease, and employer preferences. PDFs are generally favored for their consistent formatting, but Word may be suitable in specific scenarios.


Duration of Job Search for Senior Roles

Patience Pays in Executive Searches: Finding a senior role often takes longer, usually between six to 12 months. Factors such as geographical demand, experience, salary expectations, and the strength of your professional network play a significant role.


Balancing Authenticity and Self-Promotion in Interviews

Authenticity Meets Strategy: Striking the right balance in interviews involves being genuine while effectively showcasing your strengths. Embrace vulnerability, practice authenticity, candidly discuss growth areas, and master the art of storytelling.


Seeking guidance to achieve your goals faster?

The 2024 job market, with its unique challenges and opportunities, demands a multifaceted approach from seasoned professionals. For those seeking in-depth guidance, The Job Hunting Made Simple Program offers 1) a step-by-step online course, 2) group coaching (recommended); or 3) private coaching to transform your career journey. Whether you're an experienced professional or an executive eyeing your next big opportunity, this program is designed to turn your career aspirations into reality.


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