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Ask a Career Coach

Episode 228 - Here Are 6 Questions I Often Get Asked by Experienced Professionals

In this episode of The Job Hunting Podcast (#228), I answered six critical career-related questions that resonate with many professionals. As a career coach I, get asked similar questions by my clients, so I assume that many listeners may benefit from listening to this episode as they navigate the job market, apply for roles, and start making plans for their careers.


Here is a summary of each topic discussed in this episode:


1. Transitioning Back to Corporate from Consulting:

A listener in their early 50s, who had been consulting for a few years, asked about re-entering the corporate world. My advice emphasized the importance of clarity in their value proposition and leveraging their consulting experience as a unique selling point.


2. Cold-Calling for Job Opportunities:

Another interesting query revolved around the effectiveness of cold-calling for job opportunities. I suggested a strategic approach, including researching the company, understanding its culture, and crafting a personalized message that resonates with the prospective employer.


3. Authentic Networking Strategies:

A question on building genuine professional networks was raised. I highlighted the significance of non-transactional networking and shared tips on engaging authentically with key influencers in the industry.


4. Changing Sectors Successfully:

One listener was curious about the challenges of switching sectors. I advised on the importance of language adaptation and showcasing transferable skills, stressing the need for thorough industry research and leveraging existing networks.


5. Selecting Recruitment Companies for Generalist Roles:

A question about the role of recruitment companies in securing generalist roles led to a discussion on choosing the right recruitment firm. I differentiated between recruitment and executive search firms and provided guidance on making an informed choice.


6. Addressing Key Selection Criteria in Applications:

I addressed a common concern about effectively meeting key selection criteria in job applications. The use of the STAR method and the necessity of tailoring applications to specific job requirements were key points of my advice.


This Q&A episode provides insight into various facets of career development and job hunting. After listening to the episode, I invite you to explore other episodes of the podcast. Topics like personal branding, interview preparation, and career fulfilment are covered in depth. Check the links mentioned below for a few suggestions, or search the blog for other episodes of interest to you.


If you find yourself needing more personalized assistance in your career journey, please check out my coaching services. With my background as a career coach and corporate executive, I offer tailored guidance to help you navigate your career path effectively.


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