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Is Your Salary Expectation Too Low?

Episode 226 - This Recruiter Wants You to Rethink Your Salary Expectation, with Kyle Samuels

The corporate world is at a pivotal juncture where technology and human talent intersect to define the future of work. I had the opportunity to interview talent acquisition expert Kyle Samuels, a leader in HR technologyt from Creative Talent Endeavors. Our discussion revealed critical insights for job seekers and employers in today's tech-driven yet relationship-centric job market.


These are the key themes that emerged from our conversation that we believe are the forces shaping corporate talent acquisition:


The Impact of Technology on Jobs and Recruitment

Technology is not just changing how we work; it's redefining job roles and recruitment strategies. While automation and AI are streamlining operations, they're also creating new opportunities and demands for skills. Kyle highlighted how the pandemic accelerated remote hiring, leading to a surge in appointments without in-person interactions. However, this trend is reversing, with companies now emphasizing the importance of personal connections in the hiring process. This shift underscores a paradox in the modern workplace: despite technological advancements, the value of human relationships remains paramount. The key for professionals is adaptability – staying abreast of technological advancements and continuously enhancing their skill set.


The Shift in Recruitment Post-Pandemic

The pandemic brought about a significant shift in recruitment processes, with remote hiring becoming the norm. However, as we emerge from this phase, there's a noticeable trend towards re-emphasizing personal interactions in recruitment. This shift highlights a fundamental truth: technology can facilitate processes, but the essence of recruitment lies in human connection.


Redefining Recruitment Models

The traditional commission-based recruitment model is undergoing a transformation. More organizations are moving towards transparent, equitable processes that prioritize finding the right fit over financial incentives. This change is crucial in fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, where talent is the primary criterion for recruitment. Kyle’s company, Creative Talent Endeavors, challenges the traditional commission-based model, advocating for a more transparent and equitable process. This approach benefits employers by offering a more cost-effective solution and enhances the candidate experience by removing biases inherent in commission-based recruitment.


Many listeners will benefit from this episode for many reasons, but mainly to understand the financial incentives recruiters work for and how your salary expectations may work for or against you in the selection process.


The Undiminished Power of Networking

A key takeaway from our conversation was the enduring importance of networking. Despite the digital revolution, the power of networking in career advancement remains unchanged. Building genuine, real-world connections provides unparalleled advantages in accessing opportunities and insights. It's about creating a network that offers support, advice, and access to hidden job markets. Building genuine relationships can significantly boost a job seeker's chances of success in a world where online applications can feel impersonal and overwhelming. As a career coach, I constantly emphasize the power of in-person and online networking to create meaningful connections that can open doors to new opportunities.


Diversity in Hiring is not a Buzzword

True diversity is not about meeting quotas; it's about valuing diverse experiences and perspectives. It fosters an environment of innovation and inclusivity, where different viewpoints are not just accepted but are seen as vital to corporate success. Kyle expressed concerns over the waning momentum for diversifying executive teams. This conversation highlighted the need for a deeper understanding of diversity beyond surface-level attributes. As recruiters and employers, there's a pressing need to embrace and understand diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to make genuinely inclusive hiring decisions.


The corporate world is evolving, and with it, the strategies for talent acquisition and growth. By embracing technological advancements and maintaining the human element in recruitment and networking, professionals and organizations can navigate these changes successfully.


The podcast episode with Kyle offers corporate professionals a better understanding of the current state of talent acquisition. It highlights that success in the job market, both for candidates and employers, hinges on adapting to technological advancements while nurturing genuine human connections.

About Our Guest, Kyle Samuels

Kyle Samuels is the Founder & CEO of Creative Talent Endeavors. With over two decades in HR and talent acquisition, Kyle's passion for shaking up the status quo has consistently redefined industry standards. Before starting CTE, Kyle has worked in talent for brands including Yum! Brands and GE.

About the Host, Renata Bernarde

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