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Starting a New Career Over 40

Episode 218 - Starting a new career over 40 – Dr Marianne Roux interviews Renata Bernarde

Episode 218 - Starting a new career over 40 – Dr Marianne Roux interviews Renata Bernarde

Life doesn't always follow a linear path, especially when it comes to careers. In the latest episode of The Job Hunting Podcast, friend of the podcast Dr. Marianne Roux asks the host, Renata Bernarde , interesting questions about her transition into career coaching. They explore the topic of career reinvention, offering valuable insights and guidance for those embarking on a new professional journey after the age of 40.

What you can expect from this episode:

Renata's journey into coaching and her coaching philosophy: Renata shares her personal journey into coaching and the driving force behind her passion for helping individuals navigate their career paths. Her coaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, growth, and adaptability as key elements of successful career reinvention.

The "You Inc." mindset: One of the key takeaways from the episode is the concept of thinking of yourself as "You Inc." Renata explains how adopting this mindset can empower individuals to take control of their careers, make intentional choices, and strategically position themselves in the job market.

The role of LinkedIn in job searching: LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job seekers, yet many professionals underestimate its potential. Renata and Dr. Roux shed light on the hidden opportunities and strategies for leveraging LinkedIn effectively during your job search.

Essential insights for job seekers: Renata provides practical advice for those on the hunt for a new job. From networking tips to crafting a compelling resume, the episode covers a wide range of topics to help job seekers enhance their chances of success.


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