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Overcoming Career Block

Episode 222 - Breaking Through the Mid-Career Ceiling: Strategies for Corporate Advancement After 40

In the corporate sector, professionals in their 40s and beyond often encounter what many refer to as 'career blocks.' These blocks, however, are not insurmountable barriers but rather stepping stones to greater career success and personal fulfillment.

Understanding the 'Why' Behind Career Blocks

The genesis of career blocks usually lies within our own perceptions. A common internal narrative is "I just can't do it," stemming from self-judgment and a fear of others’ judgments. Recognizing these thoughts as mere perceptions, not realities, is the first step in overcoming them.

Strategies to Overcome Career Blockages

The key to moving past these blockages is to focus on intrinsic motivations rather than external validations. Questions like "Is my career good enough?" are often rooted in extrinsic factors and can detract from personal satisfaction and achievement. It’s essential to shift this mindset to find true fulfillment in one’s career.

The Role of Fear and How to Combat It

Fear plays a significant role in career blocks. This fear often manifests as a fear of separation or abandonment, and a concern that support systems might fail us. However, it is vital to understand that support often does come, and in its absence, being your own support system is equally powerful.

Rethinking Deadlines and Age-Related Goals

Age-related goals and deadlines can create unnecessary pressure. It's important to set realistic goals based on a clear understanding of personal ambitions and environmental factors. Careers like that of Steven Pressfield, who found success in his 40s, exemplify that it’s never too late to achieve career aspirations.

Open-mindedness in Your Career Journey

Maintaining an open mind helps in aligning personal goals with the market’s needs. It’s about staying true to one’s intuition while being open to growth and feedback. This open-mindedness is a critical component of successful career advancement.

Embracing Personal Change

As we age, our desires and motivations evolve. Recognizing and adapting to these changes is crucial. The 'new you' might have different career aspirations, and it’s important to update and adapt to these new goals.

Allocating Time for Career Development

Effective career development requires more than just time; it demands creative and strategic thinking. Activities like walks or creative pursuits can open up new perspectives and opportunities, essential for career advancement.

The Power of Writing and Journaling

Journaling is a powerful tool in career development. It brings clarity and focus, helping professionals understand their true career aspirations. It’s an effective way to plan and re-strategize, ensuring goals are aligned with personal and market realities.

Comfort with Uncertainty

Finally, being comfortable with uncertainty is a skill that every professional should develop. A certain level of anxiety is normal and can be a motivating force when harnessed correctly.

Next Steps

Overcoming career blocks is a journey of self-discovery, strategy, and resilience. It’s a personal process, unique to each individual. By understanding and embracing this journey, professionals can unlock new opportunities and find greater satisfaction in their careers.

You can start your journey by listening to this episode. Get in touch and let me know if it has resonated with you, and what other topics you would like us to discuss on the podcast. You can send me a DM on LinkedIn or reply to my newsletter.


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