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Why We Make Bad Career Decisions

Episode 126 - I Have Noticed That Professionals Fall into the Sunk Cost Fallacy When They Continue a Career Track

Episode 126 - I have noticed that professionals fall into the sunk cost fallacy when they continue a career track

When it comes to making career decisions, I have noticed that professionals fall into the sunk cost fallacy when they continue a career track event when they are not interested in it anymore. This is especially true when they have already invested years working or studying towards a degree. This behavior happens for many reasons, none of them rational!

Sunk cost, in economics and finance, is a cost that has already been incurred and that cannot be recovered. In economic decision-making, sunk costs are treated as bygone and are not considered when deciding whether to continue an investment project.

For example, My friend bought a ticket to a concert and then started having doubts about going. She noticed the music was not really her style, and the weather was going to be horrible that weekend. This is a true story but it/s also a textbook example of sunk cost fallacy. What happened? She felt guilty for spending the money and committing to go with her friends, so she went anyway, even though she was sure it wasn't for her. I am sure you can relate, and maybe even have done something similar, yes?

Listen to this episode to learn how Sunk Cost Fallacy can cause you to get stuck in your career and learn five strategies you can use to help you make better decisions to achieve your job hunting and career goals.

About the Host

Hello, I’m Renata Bernarde, the Host of The Job Hunting Podcast. I’m also an executive coach, job hunting expert, and career strategist. I teach professionals (corporate, non-profit, and public) the steps and frameworks to help them find great jobs, change, and advance their careers with confidence and less stress.

If you are an ambitious professional who is keen to develop a robust career plan, if you are looking to find your next job or promotion, or if you want to keep a finger on the pulse of the job market so that when you are ready, and an opportunity arises, you can hit the ground running, then this podcast is for you.

In addition to The Job Hunting Podcast, , on my website, I have developed a range of courses and services for professionals in career or job transition. And, of course, I also coach private clients.

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