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How to Achieve Your Career Goals

Live Coaching 8 - The Biggest Desires Professionals Have, and How to Achieve Them

Live Coaching 8 - The biggest desires professionals have, and how to achieve them

Every week I'm approached by clients, listeners of The Job Hunting Podcast, social media followers.. and they tell me what they want to achieve in their jobs and as professionals. Sometimes it's hard to articulate it, but we get there in the end! It comes down to a few fundamentals that are quite universal, most of the time.

Let's check if they resonate with you and what you want to achieve?

Let's find ways you can start working towards achieving your goals?

People usually come to me because of one on these three things:

  1. They want to work on themselves: get noticed, recognition, be heard and included, be confident, and so on.

  2. They want to work on their relationship with work: they may be feeling overwhelmed, struggling to cope with work and personal life, they want to work fewer hours, want to work for a good company, work for and with good people, work flexibility, work closer to home, etc..

  3. Career advancement: they a promotion, want to earn more money, be in a leadership role, manage teams and projects, have a seat at the decision-making table, have a more strategic role.

How do you work on these career desires and achieve your goals? Watch this career coaching session and let's find out!


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