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Job Hunting During Turbulent Times

Episode 32 - We Are Going through the Pandemic, the Economic Downturn, and the Loss of Jobs Differ From Job Hunting Done at Any Other Time

Episode 32 - We are going through the pandemic, the economic downturn, and the loss of jobs differ from job hunting done at any other time

This episode is a recording of a webinar I delivered last week on finding a job during turbulent times. We are going through the COVID pandemic, the economic downturn, and the loss of jobs differ from job hunting done at any other time.

We have addressed this over the past few podcast episodes: if you go to my podcast, you can search for topics, and I recommend that if you are new to this Podcast, you search for the "COVID Series" of podcasts. This way, you will get access to a great selection of expert interviews we've been able to compile for you to support your job hunting in these difficult times.

In this episode, I address it more strategically, basically giving job hunters a recipe they can follow on how to position themselves in the job market. Note that in addition to the experts I interviewed for this Podcast, I am constantly seeking confirmation from my contacts in recruitment and with employers to ensure I'm providing you, listeners of this Podcast, my clients, and students of The Job Hunting Made Simple online course with the best possible advice to get you the competitive advantage and confidence you need to navigate the new normal when it comes to job hunting.

This episode, Job Hunting in Turbulent times, has a downloadable workbook that will help you implement the ideas and strategies I'm suggesting for you.

Transcript of this episode

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