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Yes for Success

Episode 216 - When career problems are the tip of the iceberg - with Gary Ryan

In the vast sea of self-help, Gary Ryan's new book, "Yes for Success" emerges as a lighthouse for the professionally adrift or those sailing in uncertain waters. Ryan navigates the complexities of the mind with the concept of mental models, presenting an iceberg analogy that resonates with deep, introspective clarity.

This book is not a mere collection of surface-level platitudes but a dive into the mechanics of self-awareness and its role in shaping one's destiny. Gary breaks down the barriers that one's upbringing, experiences, and deeply ingrained beliefs can impose on their professional journey.

For seasoned corporate professionals who might be questioning the trajectory of their career paths or find themselves wading through the murky waters of job hunting, my friend Gary offers a compass to navigate these challenges. His engaging narrative and insightful anecdotes act as a guide, showing readers not only how to identify their internal narratives but also how to steer them toward a more fulfilling course.

In this episode, we discuss the power of mental models and self-awareness in corporate professional journey. Whether you're on the hunt for a new role or feeling stagnant in your career progression, understanding the deep-seated beliefs that guide your decisions is crucial. Gary's insights will illuminate how to navigate career crossroads with confidence and clarity.

About our guest, Gary Ryan

Gary Ryan is the ninth of eleven children. He and wife, Michelle, are the proud parents of Liam, Sienna, Callum, Aiden and Darcy. In December 2019, Bonti, a beautiful Groodle, joined the family, too! Gary founded Organisations That Matter in 2007 and has been serving a wide range of organisations, government agencies and universities throughout this period. Gary is passionate about high performance and the role leaders have in creating a culture that achieves outstanding results while equally being great for the people in the organisation. He is also passionate about helping people understand the mindset, tools and techniques that can enable so-called ‘ordinary’ people to live extraordinary lives. The more people living an extraordinary life, the better our world becomes. Finally, if you are driving in the high country in Victoria or New South Wales, Australia, do not be surprised if you see Gary and his friends riding their motorcycles!


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