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What Employers Really Want

Episode 225 - Inside the Recruiter's Mind: Decoding the Recruitment Playbook to Land Your Next Role

As a podcast host with years of experience interviewing experts in recruitment, I thought I knew it all. That was until I met Greg Savage. In this episode of The Job Hunting Podcast, Greg Savage, a seasoned expert in the recruitment industry, offered profound insights into the changing dynamics of job seeking and hiring in 2024. This conversation is particularly relevant to my corporate professionals navigating their careers in a post-pandemic era marked by significant shifts.


Here is what I learned from my conversation with Greg:


Understanding the current recruitment landscape is crucial for job search success

The initial post-COVID hiring surge has settled into a more measured pace, reflecting a shift in employer expectations. Companies are now seeking candidates who are not just a good fit but the 'perfect fit.' This trend underscores a new reality where job seekers must be more strategic and adaptable. Interestingly, I've observed a heightened focus on job stability among candidates, a change influenced by economic factors like rising interest rates and living costs.


Recruiters are not gatekeepers, they are your allies

A key takeaway from my discussion with Savage was the evolving role of recruiters. They're no longer just intermediaries; they are crucial allies in the job-seeking process. Building a robust network with recruiters, especially those who specialize in your industry, can provide access to opportunities that might not be publicly advertised. This is a piece of advice I often share with my clients, and I was delighted to have Greg validate my advice, emphasizing the importance of nurturing these professional relationships.


Technology in recruitment in his to stay

The conversation also touched upon the increasing influence of AI and automation in recruitment. While these technologies offer efficiency, they cannot replace the nuanced understanding and personal touch a human recruiter brings. This balance between technology and human judgment is something I often discuss with clients, encouraging them to leverage digital tools while maintaining authentic personal connections.


The importance of authenticity

For those navigating the job market, particularly those affected by redundancy or layoffs, Savage's insights, which I endorse, it the importance of authenticity in your conversations with your network and recruiters. Authenticity in presenting one's career story is vital. Recruiters understand diverse employment situations, and as a career coach, I emphasize the power of a well-articulated narrative that reflects both resilience and adaptability.


The insights from my podcast with Greg Savage are invaluable for job seekers in 2024. For those navigating the job market, particularly in the wake of redundancy or layoffs, the discussion offers actionable advice. They underscore the importance of adapting to the changing recruitment landscape, building strong relationships with recruiters, and leveraging personal stories authentically in job searches.

About our Guest, Greg Savage

Greg Savage is one of the most highly respected voices in global recruitment. With a stellar career spanning four decades, Greg Savage is a founder of four highly successful businesses, is a trusted advisor and a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences around the world. Greg is a Non-Executive director and advisor for 16 recruitment and HR tech companies in Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and New Zealand. Greg still takes an active interest in founding and growing recruitment businesses, investing in recruitment start-ups in Australia and the UK. In 2021, Greg founded the Savage Recruitment Academy, a niche Learning Management System for the recruitment industry, which has seen outstanding success and growth, with thousands of subscribers worldwide. 


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