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How to Find a New Job in 2024

Episode 217 - How to job search in 2024: An expert's view on the job market and recruitment trends, with Geoff Slade

In this episode, we welcome back Geoff Slade, a distinguished figure in the recruitment industry with a wealth of experience spanning over five decades. Our conversation delves into the critical strategies and insights necessary for a successful job search in the current market.

In our chat, which was recorded livestreamed in November 2023 on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook, Geoff and I discuss the year that was, analysing the major job market trends of 2023. We also look at the year ahead and discuss our ideas for in-demand skills and job market opportunities we believe can support professionals plan for a successful job-search strategy. Livestreaming our chat meant that dozens of professionals were able to participate and interacting with us.

In this episode you will find:

  • An analysis of the key trends shaping the job market in 2024 and how they differ from previous years.

  • A discussion on the skills currently in high demand by employers.

  • Insights into the evolving role of technology in recruitment.

  • Practical advice for standing out in a competitive job market, with a special focus on senior professionals.

  • Strategies for uncovering opportunities in the 'hidden job market'.

Why Tune In? Why Geoff Slade?

This is the second time Geoff and I record an episode in preparation for the year ahead. Following the overwhelming response to our previous discussion with Geoff, we've brought the same depth of discussion to address the challenges and opportunities in 2023's job market. Last time, listeners responded positively to it, and it made sense to record another one.

Geoff Slade has worked at the forefront of the recruitment industry for over 50 years. He is the Executive Chairman of Slade Group, TRANSEARCH International Australia, Yellow Folder Research, and Skillstream Australia.

I hope you enjoy this chat with Geoff and that it helps you plan ahead for a successful job hunt in the months ahead. Whether you're actively seeking new opportunities or aiming to stay well-informed in your career progression, this episode is a treasure trove of knowledge.

About our guest, Geoff Slade

Geoff Slade has worked at the forefront of the Recruitment Industry for over 50 years. He is the Executive Chairman of Slade Group and TRANSEARCH International Australia. Geoff is also Chairman of Yellow Folder Research and Skillstream Australia. He is involved in several professional associations and is a Non-Executive Director of Alzheimer's Victoria.

A Chartered Management Consultant, Geoff is a past President of the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA) - Geoff was, in fact, the founding Chairman of RCSA, the industry's education body. He was awarded a Centenary Medal for services to the recruitment industry. Many of Australia's leading consultants have worked for and been trained by Geoff at various times in the last three decades. He is also a regular speaker at major industry conferences.

In 1967, Geoff relocated to London to take Slade to the international market, initially creating GW Slade and Associates. By 1988 and looking for a change, Geoff sold GW Slade to Blue Arrow (later known as Manpower), a British multinational pursuing international expansion. Geoff took up a newly created role as the Head of Human Resources with Pacific Dunlop. In 1991, Geoff re-launched Slade Group, which quickly moved to the forefront of recruitment in Australia, where it remains today.


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