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The First Plan is the Worst Plan

Episode 215 - The First Plan is the Worst Plan: Cassandra Goodman interviews Renata Bernarde

Episode 215 - The First Plan is the Worst Plan: Cassandra Goodman interviews Renata Bernarde

If you're a regular listener of The Job Hunting Podcast, you're in for a treat with this episode. And if you're new here, I can't wait for you to dive into this inspiring journey.

Many of you already know and love Cassie Goodman, a frequent guest on our podcast. Her insights, wisdom, and approach to career development have resonated with so many of you. If you haven't yet, I urge you to listen to her previous episodes linked below – they're packed with valuable insights!

Recently, Cassie embarked on her podcasting journey with her show, "True Power" available on Apple and Spotify. Her inaugural episode is a must-listen – it's a mind-blowing conversation with Jasmine Malki (or is that her real name?). I'm still reeling from the impact of that episode and I'm sure you will be too.

I had the pleasure of being the second guest on Cassie's show, and what a blast we had! Our conversation was so natural and flowed effortlessly. We delved deep into topics that I haven't shared on my own podcast, which makes this episode quite special.

The Heart of Our Chat: Finding Happiness

In this episode, we talk about the pursuit of happiness – a journey of planning, adjusting, and re-planning as we evolve and as the world changes around us. It's about embracing who you are, dealing with criticism, and leveraging your talents. I've shared personal stories to illustrate these points, hoping they resonate with you as much as they do with me.

I encourage you to ponder the same questions Cassie asked me during the episode. Write them down and maybe use the holiday season as a time to reflect on them. These questions are listed below for your convenience.

Cassandra Goodman's reflection questions

  • Can you share with us a moment in your history, a moment in your life when you felt like you were not being true to yourself?

  • Was there a moment that stuck with you that created some level of incongruence or challenge for you in being told not be yourself?

  • How would you encapsulate in language, you know, the vibrant, pure expression of who you are at your core?

  • Who are you being when you're being most yourself?

Discover Your Strengths with TalentPredix

In the episode, I talk a lot about strengths and talents, highlighting my favorite assessment tool for career planning – TalentPredix. I'm proud to be a TalentPredix Global Partner, and I highly recommend this service if you want to discover your top talents, values, and career drivers. It's an excellent resource for interview prep, crafting your personal pitch, and sprucing up your LinkedIn profile. Check out the Find My Talents service on my website.

Wrapping Up: A Heartfelt Thank You

Finally, I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it. Don’t forget to follow The Job Hunting Podcast and Cassandra's "True Power" for more enriching content.

And if you're keen to stay updated, subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

Until next time, keep exploring your true power and carving your path to happiness and success!

About our guest, Cassandra Goodman

Cassandra Goodman is guided by an aspiration to serve to uplift life generously. Cassandra loves supporting people to reconnect with their true nature and redefine success. She has three decades of business experience across multiple industries.

She has held many different senior leadership roles, including Global Director of Employee Experience at a healthcare company where she was responsible for activating the organization’s purpose ‘Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives’ for their 86,000 employees worldwide.

Cassandra’s work is ever-evolving and spans a portfolio of coaching, consulting, writing, and speaking. Her first book, Self-Fidelity, was released in December 2020.

Cassandra is married, has two young sons, and can often be spotted on the streets of Melbourne cruising between lively conversations on her bright red pushbike.


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