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How to Future Proof Your Career

Episode 211 - How to future proof your career: Insights from a career coach

Every professional hopes to have the ability to future-proof their career. With technology altering job roles and the rise of unforeseen global trends, preparing for the future has never been more essential. Recently, I had the privilege of sharing my insights on how to safeguard and propel your career in uncertain times during a panel discussion organized by CPA Australia. Here are the highlights of what I shared:

Anticipating the Future Landscape

The future of work is set for transformation, so it's vital to recognize the range of skills and competencies that will be in demand:

  • Leadership Adaptability: Recognize and understand your leadership style. More importantly, be prepared to adapt and apply it in various organizational contexts as you advance in your career. In episode 180 of The Job Hunting Podcast, my guest Robert Jordan emphasized the importance of understanding one's leadership style and how it can be adapted to various organizations as one's career progresses.

  • Continuous Learning: Many professionals are showing interest in areas like ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Link to my post about it on LinkedIn. To pivot your career successfully, it's not just about gaining additional professional education but also about unlearning obsolete practices and networking extensively.

The Technological Evolution

There's ongoing rhetoric about technology potentially making certain roles obsolete. My take? Be pragmatic. The evolution isn't about replacement but about integration. Enhance your receptivity to technological changes and bolster your skills in risk management. This approach ensures you remain relevant and valuable.

Future-Proofing Your Career

Continuous personal development remains at the heart of future-proofing one's career. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Choose Courage Over Confidence: Confidence is crucial, but courage ensures you step out of your comfort zone and take the necessary risks.

  • Strategic Planning: Always plan ahead of action. Know where you want to go and chart out a path.

  • Seek Feedback: Continuous improvement is the key to growth. Regular feedback provides a perspective that can guide your career trajectory.

Economic Trends and Preparations

Stay informed about economic global trends that might influence the finance and accounting profession. To remain at the forefront:

  • Master Remote Leadership: The future will require effective leadership across digital platforms.

  • Cultivate High-Performance Team Dynamics: Even in virtual settings, team cohesion and productivity are crucial.

Navigating Uncertainties

In times of crisis, accountants can leverage:

  • Personal Agility: The ability to quickly adapt to changing situations.

  • Intuition Over Instinct: Cultivating a deep-seated understanding of the environment rather than just reactive tendencies.

  • Emphasize Foresight: Predicting and preparing rather than mere reactive forecasting.

AI's Economic Impact

Artificial Intelligence promises numerous economic benefits. On a micro level, it might lead to more productivity and time-saving. However, in the long term, professionals should focus on utilizing AI for better risk management and strategic foresight.

Advice to My Younger Self

If I could go back in time, my advice would be simple: Understand that your self-perception and the energy you exude influence your career outcomes. It's crucial to have a positive relationship with oneself and realize the significance of mindset in influencing outcomes.

Navigating Complex Business Landscapes In today's complex business landscapes, it's paramount for accountants to maintain ethical and transparent financial practices. Advocate for policies and cultures that support whistleblowers and always remember: if you remain true to your principles, you're bound to land somewhere even better.

Looking forward?

Dive deeper into career strategies with The Job Hunting Podcast. Explore Episode 151 on the secrets to a successful career and insights from successful executives in Episode 140. I have included a full list of episodes mentioned in the links below. You should also consider subscribing to my weekly newsletter for more insights.


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