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Top Career Issues Facing Women

Episode 21 - What are the Career development issues facing women

Episode 21 - What are the Career development issues facing women

This episode is about the many struggles women face in their careers and the different leadership styles that we offer. We will tackle more on this topic in the future episodes, but for now, I hope you enjoy listening to this short discussion. It's an audio version of a Facebook live video from late 2019, and I thought it was an important one to share.

This audio is from the beginning of my Facebook page and my whole project, including this podcast. At the time of my launch, I received a lot of feedback from women. I quickly filmed this response to my input because I thought this was important; this is what's top of mind for your audience, so you need to address it! You can tell that it was my first video, and I have a lot of nerves. Still, you can also feel my passion for this subject and how much I care about women achieving, women breaking the glass ceiling, helping each other, advocating for each other, and moving upwards in their careers.

It was International Women's Day a few days ago, and I see this as the episode I wanted to have for you this week.

  • Be careful with success bias: We tend to compare ourselves with others who we see as successful, without seeing their struggles, and most importantly, without seeing women in senior leadership are the minority.

  • There is so much strength, creativity, and experience that a different career style can bring to leadership! Always choosing a candidate with a linear career progression does not offer the organization enough diversity and inclusion. We haven't been able to create a narrative about why it's important for us to have that diversity, not just of gender, but of work experience, and how that enriches the leadership teams and, ultimately, the decision-making power of organizations.

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