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The Future of Offices and Teamwork

Episode 45 - The Future of Offices and Teamwork and How We Will Shape the Use of the Office Space in the Future, with Workplace Strategist Su Lim

Episode 45 - The future of offices and teamwork and how we will shape the use of the office space in the future,  with workplace strategist Su Lim

Following the COVID outbreak, the necessary reforms to workplace occupational health and safety and our experiences working remotely will most certainly shape how we use the office space in the future. How do you imagine things are going to change?

In this episode of The Job Hunting Podcast, we have an exceptional guest to address this and many questions I had about workplaces, office space, the dynamics of working from home versus working in an office, and how to be productive in both. Her name is Su Lim, and I interviewed her a few weeks ago, just as we were starting stage four of lockdown here in Melbourne.

Su is a workplace strategist and organizational coach. Selfishly, I wanted to get her insight into why it is so good to work from home for certain things; on the other hand, why is it so hard for me to get other projects going?

This was an episode I was looking forward to recording. I have been a client of Su's business, and I know how wonderful it can be to have experts helping design great workplaces for collaboration, concentration, productivity, and creativity. I hope you enjoy this chat as well!

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