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The Easiest Way to Network

Episode 178 - Seven Reasons Why You Should Keep in Contact With Your Former Colleagues

Episode 178  - Seven reasons why you should keep in contact with your former colleagues

Networking is an essential part of career development, but many people struggle to know how to connect, who to connect with, and how to access the right network to support their careers. One great source of contacts, support, and mentorship is an alumni network. Whether you are a graduate or a former employee of a school, university, or company, an alumni network can provide a wealth of benefits for your career.

Alumni networks offer powerful benefits not only for employees but also for companies themselves. Alumni networks can help build stronger strategic partnerships, welcoming back talent that has left but remained connected through the alumni program or personal contacts. Trent Henry, EY Global Vice Chair of Talent, says, “Each year, around 15% of our external hires are from our alumni community.”

Alumni associations also offer a considerable array of career resources. For example, UCLA One is an online career support site that launched in 2016 and gained 1,600 volunteer mentors in its first ten days. The site contains a job-search database, career advice, networking, and mentorship opportunities.

An alumni network can provide a goldmine of business intelligence and referrals for job openings. Building strong relationships with colleagues can also lead to collaboration on projects, better results, and recognition for your work. Colleagues who are more experienced can serve as mentors, providing guidance and advice to help you navigate your career path.

To find your alumni network, you can look on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, online, or check the websites of your school, university, or company. Alumni dinners and reunions can also be great opportunities to connect with people and build relationships. Alumni newsletters can also provide valuable information and updates.

In conclusion, if you’re on the lookout for new hires, considering your next career move, or just want to keep a pulse on the job market, an alumni network can be a great place to start. Alumni networks provide a rich source of contacts, support, and mentorship that can help people navigate career changes and progress in their careers.


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