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Recruitment Trends

Episode 35 - "Let me call you back" - Recruitment trends shaping the job market, with Anita Ziemer

Episode 35 - "Let me call you back" - Recruitment trends shaping the job market, with Anita Ziemer

In this episode of The Job Hunting Podcast, I interviewed Anita Ziemer, Managing Director of Slade Group: recruitment, executive search, and HR consultancy firm based in Melbourne, Australia, with affiliates and partners worldwide.

We talked about recruitment and selection trends in 2020, the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, the economic downturn, and how it's affecting the job market. Anita speaks candidly about her profession and how candidates can better work with recruiters.

She gives job hunters inside tips, from understanding the recruitment and selection process mechanics to making your resume more effective and your skills more easily noticed by the recruiter.

Key takeaways:

  • Hearing the recruiter say, "Let me call you back," is a perfect sign.

  • We are not out of the woods yet, so be prepared for an extended period of frictional unemployment (i.e., the unemployment that comes from the job search and being in-between jobs)

  • For those willing and able to make a career change, if you follow the money, you often get your answer about what sectors are trending.

  • Sectors that are experiencing stress in 2020:

    • Not for profits

    • Higher education

    • Arts and culture

    • Tourism

    • Hospitality

    • Building and construction

    • Sports and leisure

  • Sectors where opportunities may arise in 2020 and beyond:

    • Trades in beauty and construction

    • Health

    • Information Technology

    • Agriculture and AgTech

    • Bioscience

  • Make sure you include these tips in your resume:

    • Name your organization and your job title: make sure you add two lines about the organization.

    • 3 to 4 bullet points under your responsibilities: shows the essence of your work.

    • 3 to 4 bullet points under your achievements: show the value you added to the organization.

  • You have to be adaptable and flexible and look after what you can do today.

Transcript of this episode

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