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Psychometric Tests

Episode 143 - The Importance of Psychometric Tests in Job Hunting, Recruitment, and Career Planning: With Paula Baetu

Episode 143 - The importance of psychometric tests in job hunting, recruitment, and career planning

Chances are, if you have applied for jobs, you have done a psychometric assessment. But do you know how psychometric tests work? And what does a psychometric test reveal about you? Why are these tests part of the recruitment and selection process? How can you prepare for them?

As a job candidate, I hated psychometric testing as part of the recruitment process. It made me so anxious. And when I had to do them as part of my performance management our professional development, I never understood the big deal. The results were never helpful for me.

That was until I did the TalentPredix assessment. Finally, a psychometric test designed for professionals and a thorough report focused on supporting career development and planning. By doing a test like TalentPredix, you can learn about yourself - your talents, career drivers, and values - and this knowledge will help you immensely in your job search.

Listen to this episode if you are job hunting or want to finally know your strengths and where to best use them!

About Our Guest, Paula Baetu

Paula Baetu is a Chief Science Officer and Operations Director and certified NeuroLeadership Coach. Over the last decade, she has worked as a consultant to help organizations thrive and as a coach to help individuals reach their untapped potential. Paula has accumulated a considerable wealth of experience in people assessment and development. She has worked with people at all business levels, from companies worldwide (such as Africa, the UK, the Middle East, and Asia) and across many industries (from telecommunications to banking, mining, insurance, finance, and academia). She loves facilitating workshops and using assessments to support companies in the full employee life cycle, from recruitment and development to planning for the future.

Her mission is to help people live more effective, fulfilled, and happier lives.

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