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Nutrition for Career Success

Episode 232 - How to Improve Your Job Search Performance – with Jessica Spendlove

Jessica Spendlove is a dietitian who specializes in optimizing performance through nutrition. Her work reveals a critical yet often overlooked aspect of professional success: that our diet is not just fuel for our bodies but a key driver of our cognitive capabilities and overall performance in the high-stakes corporate world. And not just our diet: She also wants us to know that exercise, sleep, and the way we treat our body and mind matter.


Jessica's insights present a refreshing narrative, shifting the focus of job search from mere “skill and experience” to include the fundamental and holistic role of wellbeing and nutrition in professional excellence. Yet, we often neglect our diet and well-being during our demanding life and work. However, for ambitious professionals, understanding the significant role of diet could be the catalyst for achieving new heights in their careers.


Here are some of the topics we discuss in this episode:


Translating Athletic Nutrition Principles to Corporate Success

Jessica Spendlove highlights the universal principles of nutrition that can be tailored to individuals in various high-stress, high-performance environments, such as the corporate world. The discussion sheds light on the parallels between athletic performance and corporate success, emphasizing the role of nutrition in enhancing cognitive and physical capabilities.


Key Strategies for High Performance in the Corporate World

Jessica explains the importance of 'protein pulsing,' a concept of including protein in each meal to maintain stable energy levels and focus throughout the day. This approach is vital for busy professionals who often experience fluctuations in energy levels.


The Impact of Diet on Job Performance and Interviews

We discuss the often-overlooked aspect of diet in preparing for job interviews and maintaining high performance in demanding roles. I share personal anecdotes to illustrate how dietary choices can significantly impact cognitive abilities in high-stress situations.


Nutrition for Longevity and Sustained Success

Jessica emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to nutrition, incorporating principles that benefit both current and future health. She advocates for the big three pillars: food, sleep, and movement, all of which are crucial for maintaining high performance over a prolonged career.


Combating 'Busy Syndrome': Strategies for the Overworked Professional

We address the common issue of 'being too busy' and provide practical strategies for integrating effective nutritional and wellness practices into packed schedules. The focus is on creating adaptable habits that align with individual lifestyles and professional demands.


Jessica’s insights offer an expert perspective on the significant role of nutrition in enhancing professional performance. Her approach encourages individuals to adopt sustainable habits that cater to immediate performance needs and lay the foundation for long-term health and success. Listeners can explore more of Jessica Spendlove's expert advice on her podcast 'Stay at the Top' and through resources available on her website.

About our Guest, Jessica Spendlove

Jessica Spendlove is a leading Australian Advanced Sports Dietitian, Holistic High-Performance Coach, and Speaker, specialising in the intersection of nutrition, human performance, and high-stakes environments. With 15 years of experience, Jess has collaborated with more than a thousand professional athletes, business leaders, founders, and the Australian Defence Force School of Special Operations, as well as businesses of all sizes. She is also the host of the "Stay at the Top" podcast.

Having been surrounded by and immersed in high-performance culture for most of her life, Jess is now on a mission to change the narrative and start the conversation of not only what it takes to achieve your goals and reach the top but to do it sustainably and stay there.

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