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Am I Going to Lose My Job?

Live Coaching 3 - Am I Going to Lose My Job? Career Q&a in Time of COVID

Live Coaching 3 - Am I going to lose my job? Career Q&A in time of COVID

Hi, my name is Renata Bernarde and I teach professionals the steps and frameworks to help them find them great jobs, change and advance their career with confidence and less stress. If that's you, then please join the Reset Your Career Community and let's keep in touch! There's a link below for you to join.

In this live career coaching session I addressed a the great list of questions from my live interview with Brazilian journalist Chai Deiro earlier this week, which was originally done in Portuguese. By going through the questions again in English I'm making sure no one misses out!

  • Best advice for those made redundant?

  • Best sectors to apply for at the moment?

  • What are employers looking for now?

  • What's different about video interviews?

  • How do I do market research?

  • Can't see your profession surviving covid?

  • And many more.


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