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Studying vs Job Hunting

Live Coaching 2 - Studying vs Job Hunting for Career Advacement: What’s Worth Investing Your Time and Money?

Live Coaching 2 - Studying vs job hunting for career advacement: What's worth investing your time and money?

Hi, if you are new here, my name is Renata Bernarde and I teach professionals the steps and frameworks to help them find them great jobs, change and advance their career with confidence and less stress. If that's you, then please subscribe to my newsletter - see below - and let's keep in touch!

There are an infinite number of free and paid opportunities to re-skill and go back to study at the moment. Let's categorize these opportunities vis a vis what you are trying to achieve, and see what is worth investing in. And what is not such a good return for your investment. If you are enjoying The Last Dance on Netflix, I use the players are different personas to build analogies on learning styles. Hope you enjoy that! :)


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