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LinkedIn for Job Seekers

Episode 230 - How to Leverage LinkedIn to Improve Your Job Search

How to Use LinkedIn to Improve Your Job Search and Build Your Professional Brand


In this episode of The Job Hunting Podcast, I want to explore LinkedIn once again, a platform I never tire of discussing. As a career coach and a former corporate executive, I've witnessed LinkedIn's transformation over the years and understand its critical role in personal branding for corporate professionals.


A Recent LinkedIn Change and Its Impact on Your Professional Brand


LinkedIn is constantly evolving, and a recent change – the replacement of the 'People Also Viewed' box with 'Similar Profiles' – is a testament to this. This feature is already released in the US, but at the time of the release of this episode, it has not yet reached Australia. I am monitoring how it looks for my US clients, and so far, I am not satisfied that the profiles are “similar.” Or better still, that it helps my clients in any way. And to make matters worse, you can't disable this new feature, which I'm not particularly thrilled about. But it underscores LinkedIn's importance in our professional lives, and how we need to keep a finger on the pulse of changes that may affect our professional brand, how our profile looks to the human eye, and how it performs in searches.


The Essentiality of LinkedIn


Not everyone who needs to work needs a LinkedIn account. But for certain corporate professionals, it’s indispensable. LinkedIn, with its 1 billion members as of 2024, is more than a social media platform: it's a professional networking powerhouse. It's particularly crucial for those behind a desk or running a business. I have been a user since 2008, and it has been instrumental in both my former corporate career and, since 2018, the growth of my business and The Job Hunting Podcast. Using LinkedIn, I've connected with clients globally, highlighting the platform's power in expanding professional networks beyond borders. 


While it benefits white-collar workers, corporate professionals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs, it may not be as crucial for artists, medical professionals, or trade workers unless they seek specific professional opportunities. Other social media platforms, like X, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, may be better marketing channels. When working with a client, we discuss different communication strategies and channels and how to develop a presence on them, either for their professional pursuits, side hustles, hobbies or personal use.


Crafting a Winning LinkedIn Strategy


Here are my top tips to help you enhance your existing LinkedIn profile:


  1. Get the Basics Right: Your LinkedIn strategy begins with a strong profile, encompassing a compelling 'About' section, a professional photo, and an appropriate banner. The top section of your profile is prime real estate – make it count. Recruiters often rely on headlines and photos in searches, so these elements need to be particularly attention-grabbing.

  2. Add Features: In the Features Section, you can display links to articles, press releases, or projects that highlight and validate your professional brand. I advise being strategic with what you include—not everything you have done needs to be a Feature, and there are other ways to showcase it on your LinkedIn profile, such as adding a publication box or adding links under each of your work experiences.

  3. Be Active: Creating engaging content on LinkedIn starts with having a solid following. Engage with others' posts through likes and comments before creating your own content. When you do post, ensure your content is engaging, particularly the first two lines, and invite interaction.

  4. Connect: Networking on LinkedIn is more than just connecting; it involves messaging and engaging in meaningful conversations. Measure your LinkedIn success not by the number of connections but by the quality of opportunities it brings, like job offers or business ventures.


By listening to this episode, you will get more insight from me on each of the tips above, which I hope will help you think more strategically about your LinkedIn presence. Remember, a well-crafted LinkedIn profile and a thoughtful engagement strategy can be game-changers in your professional journey. 


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