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Leaving Your Corporate Job

Episode 22 - Do You Regret Leaving Your Corporate Job?

Episode 22 - Do you regret leaving your corporate job?

Do you regret leaving your corporate job? I get a lot of questions on social media during my free consultations and prospect clients who are keen to move back into the corporate sector, but they may be reluctant to do so. You may be considering coming back to a corporate career following maternity leave, an extended period where you've been at home taking care of kids, or maybe you've had your own business, or you tried a completely different career. And you are now thinking: is it possible to go back to the career you once had?

Key takeaways:

  1. Life is not black and white. and whatever you decide to do, it doesn't have to be forever.

  2. People with entrepreneurial capacity and skills are also needed in the corporate sector. It would help if you had people in organizations that will change things, that will make the workplace more vibrant.

  3. Another reason why you may want to return to the corporate sector is to build a better "runway," that is, save money so you can bootstrap your business or start-up.

  4. For women who are still raising young children, the corporate sector can sometimes be better than having your own business: having kids at the same time can be overwhelming, and the financial stability of having a regular income can help.

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