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Benefits of Failing a Job Interview

Episode 6 - The Secret Benefits of Failing a Job Interview

Episode 6 - The secret benefits of failing a job interview

No opportunity should be lost when you have invested so much time and effort in applying for the role you didn't get. Let's find out how to make lemonade of your lemon!

  1. Please get to know recruiters and people in other organizations, departments, sectors: In the podcast, I give a great example of someone who applied for a role even though he wasn't convinced himself he was a good fit.

  2. Get connected to them via LinkedIn and keep in touch (schedule it!). I don't recommend connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn. If you want to stay in touch, add them to your phone contacts, make a list on excel, but don't add all recruiters to your connections on LinkedIn because what will happen is…listen to the podcast to find out. But you can and should connect with employers. Listen to the podcast, and I will explain when.

  3. Visit other workplaces: to find out more about other businesses and finetune what you want of a new job. Learn how I was interviewed once in a "fish tank," which was very not cool!

  4. Become better at job interviews: less fragile, more resilient, better skilled.

Remember failing at job interviews is expected, much more common than we think.


  • Politicians like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders – built relationships and became even more famous.

  • Australian Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's first attempt at Rhodes declined: see the reference note for the interesting article about it.

  • Anna Wintour had a messy career progression

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